MPSC 2020 Question Paper with Answers

  1. Match the following:
a) The Peshwasi) Built Library of English books and Laboratory for scientific experiments.
b) Maharaja Sawai Jaysinghii) Had European doctors and scholars in the court.
c) Raghunath Navalkariii) Asked the Portuguese king to send Portuguese astronomers.
d) Raja Sarfoji of Tanjoreiv) Learnt English and wrote well in the language.

Answer options:
a) i, ii, iii, iv                        b) ii, iii, i, iv
c) iv, ii, i, iii                        d) iii, i, iv, ii

2. Who from the following Sultans were from the Sayyad dynasty?
i) Khijrakhan                        ii) Mubarakshah
iii) Muhamadshah               iv) Allauddin Alamshah

Answer options:
a) a, b and c only                  b) b and c only
c) b, c, d only                        d) a, b, c, and d

3. Match the Following

a) Mayurbhanji) Central Administration
b) Kolhapurii) Merged into Bombay Province
c) Rampuriii) Merged into Orissa
d) Bhopaliv) Merged into Uttar Pradesh

Answer options:
a) iii, ii, iv, i                        b) i, ii, iii, iv
c) iv, iii, ii, i                        d) iii, i, iv, ii

4. Which of the pair from the following is wrong?

a) Dastas – Bankroka Tapu
b) Siaram Dal – Bihar
c) Parshuram Dal – Orissa
d) industan Socialist Republican Army – Uttar Pradesh

5. Who from the following women inspired the womanhood to fight the non-violent war of independence?
a) Kamladevi                        b) Hansa Mehta                        c) Ratanben Mehta
d) Ramibai Kamdar             e) Laxmibai Garde

Answer options:
i) a, c and e only                  ii) b, c, d and e only
iii) a, b, c, d only                 iv) a, b, c, d and e

6. Match the following leaders of the Hyderabad State Congress with their work and places of work.

a) Govindbhai Shroffi) Head of Action Commitee
b) M. Ramchandra Raoii) Hyderabad-Secunderabad Area
c) Dr. Melkoteiii) In charge of struggle in Marathwada
d) Digambarrao Binduiv) Andhra

Answer options:
a) i, ii, iii, iv                      b) iv, i, ii, iii
c) iii, iv, i, ii                        d) iii, iv, ii, i