MPSC Non-Gazetted Group B Exam 2020 Paper Solution

1. ________________________started an association by the name ‘Granthottejak Mandali’ at Nashik.

a) V.D. Savarkar

b) V.V. Shirwadkar

c) Justice Ranade

d) Anant Laxman Kanhere

2. During the period 1885 to 1915 ____________ was known as the uncoronated king of Bombay.

a) Jagannath Shankar Sheth

b) Bhau Daji Lad

c) Dadabhai Naoroji

d) Pherozeshah Mehta

3. Who from the following have worked for religious and social reforms through Prarthana Samaj?

i) Dr. Atmaram Pandurang, Dr. R.G. Bhandarkar

ii) Vaman Abaji Modak, Narayan Ganesh Chandavarkar

iii) Vitthal Ramji Shinde, Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade

iv) Govind Vitthal Kunte, Rao Saheb Mandlik

Answer options:

a) Only a,b and d

b) Only a,b and c

c) Only b,c and d

d) Only a and d

4. Where did the first revolt of farmers take place on 12th May, 1875?

a) Pune

b) Supe

c) Ahmednagar

d) Solapur

5. Match the following :

Centres of the Revolt of 1857           Leaders

a) Peth                                                          I. Vaikappa Naik Balwant Behari

b) Nargund                                                 II. Ramchandra Patwardhan

c) Jamkhandi                                             III. Babasaheb Bhave

d) Shorapur                                                IV. Bhagwantrao Koli

6. The demand for freedom for the colonies was like asking for the moon, said _______________________.

a) Lord Dalhousie

b) Lord Ripon

c) William Jones

d) Lord Morley

7. The first telegraph line was laid from __________ to ____________ during Lord Dalhousie’s time.

a) Calcutta to Delhi

b) Madras to Delhi

c) Calcutta to Madras

d) Calcutta to Agra

8. Who from the following was in the forefront to unite the workers to form their association in 1875?

a) Narayan Meghaji Lokhande

b) Narayan Rao Pawar

c) Shapurji Bengali

d) Sorabji Shapurji

9. Under whose chairmanship did the Bombay Government establish the Railway Board?

a) Lieutenant Prescott

b) Lord Dalhousie

c) Lord Elphinstone

d) Lieutenant Nelson

10. Find out the wrong pair:

a) Sarala Devi Chaudhurani The All India Women’s Council

b) Dr. Annie Besant – The Women’s Indian Association

c) Meherbai Tata – The National Council of Women in India

d) Margaret – The All India Women’s Conference

11. Which society started a school for Bengali girls in Calcutta in the year 1820?

a) Calcutta Female Juvenile Society

b) British Foreign School Society

c) Society for Native Female Education

d) Scottish Mission

12. ___________ was the centre of ‘Wahabi’ Movement in North India.

a) Patna

b) Delhi

c) Firozpur

d) Aligarh

13. Who from the following persons helped Jyotiba Phule to run a Girls School in Pune?

i) Sakharam Yashwant Paranjpe, Sadashiv Govind Hate

ii) Sadashivrao Ballal Govande, Moro Vitthal Walvekar

iii) Vishnupant Thatte, Keshav Shivram Bhawalkar

iv) Kashirao Deshmukh, Haribhau Chavan

Answer options:

a) Only i,ii and iii

b) Only i,iii and iv

c) Only i and ii

d) Only iii and iv

14. Match the following:

a. Paramahansa Mata Prasamsha                          I. Gujaba Joshi Punekar

b. Vichar Lahari                                                                 II. Krushnashastri Chiplunkar

c. Follower of Sakta sect                                              III. Morbhat Dandekar

d. Dadoba Pandurang                                                    IV. Dharma Vivechan

Answer options:

              a               b               c               d

i)        I               III               IV               II

ii)        I               II               III               IV

iii)        II               I               IV               III

iv)        IV               III               II               I

15. The day Lokmanya Tilak passed away, the same day Gandhiji’s ________________ movement was launched in Bombay.

a) Civil Disobedience

b) Non-Cooperation

c) Anti Liquor

d) Quit India

16. As per the ‘Indus Water Treaty – 1960’ between India and Pakistan, on which rivers water does India have absolute claim?

a) Indus, Chenab, and Jhelum

b) Ravi, Beas and Sutlej

c) Jhelum, Sutlej and Chenab

d) Chenab, Beas and Jhelum

17. Which of the following is the best quality iron are?

a) Hematite

b) Limonite

c) Magnetite

d) None of the above

18. Correctly arrange the following passes in India from west to wast:

a) Mana Pass, Shipkila Pass, Niti Pass, Zojila Pass

b) Zojila Pass, Shipkila Pass, Mana Pass, Niti Pass

c) Shipkila Pass, Niti Pass, Mana Passm Zojila Pass

d) Niti Pass, Mana Pass, Zojila Pass, Shipkila Pass

19. Saline and Alkaline soils are also known by another name. Which is the correct option given below?

a) Desert Soil

b) Chopan Soil

c) Wet and Marshy Soils

d) Chestnut or grey brown soil

20. Which of the following States are associated with Pench Tiger Reserve?

a) Maharashtra ——- Chhattisgarh

b) Maharashtra ——– Madhya Pradesh

c) Madhya Pradesh ———– Chhatisgarh

d) Maharashtra ———– Karnataka

21. As per 2001 Census, the following State has the highest population of Scheduled Tribes in India.

a) Odisha

b) Maharashtra

c) Rajasthan

d) Madhya Pradesh

22. As per 2011 Census, which are the first five districts according to population density in Maharashtra?

a) Mumbai Suburb, Thane, Mumbai City, Kolhapur, Pune

b) Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburb, Pune, Kolhapur, Thane

c) Mumbai Suburb, Mumbai City, Thane, Pune, Kolhapur

d) Thane, Mumbai City, Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai Suburb

23. What is the difference in sex ratio of Maharashtra State as per Census 2001 and 2011?

a) 09

b) 90

c) 19

d) 29

24. Observe the following statements:

a) Maval section does not come in rain shadow area.

b) Maval section is known for its climate

c) Kasheli Ghat connects Poladpur and Mahabaleshwar

i) Only statement a correct

ii) Only statement b is correct

iii) Statement a and b are correct

iv) Statements b and c are correct

25. In which district of Maharashtra are the ‘Darekasa Hills’ located?

a) Nagpur

b) Chandrapur

c) Gondia

d) Gadchiroli

26. As per the Census 2011, what is the ‘Population density’ of Gadchiroli district?

a) 163

b) 193

c) 74

d) 93

27. Observe the following statements:

a. Verul caves is in Aurangabad district.

b. Chambhar caves is in Pune district

c. Chikhaldara hill station is in Raigad district.

d. Gautala National Park is in Jalgaon district.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

a) Only a statements is correct

b) Only b and c statements are correct

c) Only a and d statements are correct

d) All the above statements are correct

28. Match the following:

Column I (Thermal Power House)                 Column II (District)

a. Chola                                                                               I. Mumbai

b. Turbhe                                                                           II. Akola

c. Fekari                                                                             III. Thane

d. Paras                                                                               IV. Bhusawal

              a               b               c               d

i)        III               IV               I               II

ii)        III               I               II               IV

iii)        III               I               IV               II

iv)        II               IV               I               III

29. Which of the following sequence of Ghats in Maharashtra from North to South is correct?

a) Thal Ghat, Kumbharti Ghat, Amba Ghat, Amboli Ghat

b) Amboli Ghat, Amba Ghat, Kumbharli Ghat, Thal Ghat

c) Thal Ghat, Kumbharli Ghat, Amboli Ghat, Amba Ghat

d) Thal Ghat, Amba Ghat, Amboli Ghat, Kumbharli Ghat

30. In Tapi – Purna river basin, which of the following sequence of rivers from North to South is correct?

a) Girna, Bori, Panzara, Burni, Gomati

b) Gomati, Burai, Panzara, Bori, Girna

c) Gomati, Burai, Girna, Bori, Panzara

d) Gomati, Panzara, Girna, Burni, Bori

31. ______________ has the major foodgrain crop production recorded as highest growth after green revolution.

a) Rice

b) Bajra

c) Maize

d) Wheat

32. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) was enacted in _____________.

a) October 2001

b) October 2002

c) September 2005

d) September 2011

33. Which of the following is not an outstanding liability of Central Government?

a) Internal debt

b) Market loans

c) Treasury bills

d) Foreign aid

34. Which of the following has been suggested as a substitute for the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act by the Fourteenth Finance Commission?

a) Fiscal Consolidation Fund

b) Fiscal Deficit

c) Revenue and Debt Management

d) Debt Ceiling and Fiscal Responsibility Legislation

35. India is the world’s largest producer of _______________.

a) Jute

b) Steel

c) Cement

d) Sugar

36. The share of secondary sector in GDP in India from 1950 – 51 to 2013 – 14 has increased by ______________ per cent.

a) 16.6 to 26.2

b) 30.6 to 59.2

c) 16.9 to 36.2

d) 15.6 to 36.2

37. According to Tendulkar Committee, the total percentage of population in India below the poverty line in 2011 – 12 was ________________.

a) 21.9%

b) 27.5%

c) 37.2%

d) 42.9%

38. The immediate objective of the National Population Policy 2000 was

a. to meet the needs of health infrastructure and to provide basic reproductive healthcare.

b. to lower the total fertility rate to the replacement level.

c. to achieve universal immunization of children

Answer options:

i) Only a and b

ii) Only c

iii) Only b

iv) Only a

39. The WTO agreements are based on which of the following important principle?

a) Non-discrimination

b) Most-favoured nation

c) National treatment

d) None of the above

40. Consider the following statements:

a. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched during the 11th Five Year Plan.

b. The Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture was launched during the 12th Five Year Plan.

c. National Food Security Mission was launched in 2009 – 10.

Which of the above statements is/are incorrect?

a) All the three are incorrect

b) Only b

c) Only c

d) Only a

41. ___________ occupied the first place in India’s export earnings in 2018 – 19.

a) Jute garments

b) Readymade garments

c) Engineering goods

d) Gems and Jewellery

42. Which one of the following is not a part of Bharat Nirman Programme?

a) Irrigation

b) Rural electrification

c) Schools in rural areas

d) Rural roads

43. The main features of Payment Banks are _____________ . Choose the correct sentences.

a. to accept deposits upto Rs. 1 Lakh per individual

b. to allow the use of ATM and debit cards

c. to allow the use of ATM

d. not to lend in any form

Answer options:

i) Only a, c and d

ii) Only a, b and c

iii) Only b,c and d

iv) Only a,b and d

44. As per Rangarajan Committee (2014) defined poverty line for 2011 – 12 for rural and urban areas per capita is Rs. ____________________.

a) 32 and 47

b) 32 and 67

c) 32 and 87

d) 31 and 97

45. The Oxfam Report 2018, says that the richest 1 per cent of the people are generating _____________ per cent share of National Income in India.

a) 41

b) 35

c) 73

d) 83

46. Which method is used to determine the distance of different stars from the Earth?

a) Gravitational method

b) Parallax method

c) Parallel method

d) Direct method

47. Working of a Solar cell is based on ____________.

a) Stark effect

b) Coulomb effect

c) Zeeman effect

d) Photovoltaic effect

48. Who was the earliest to us algebra to solve astronomical problems?

a) Bhaskara

b) Brahmagupta

c) Arybhata

d) None of the above

49. The copper alloy German Silver contains ______________.

a) Cu, Zn, Ag

b) Cu, Zn, Ni

c) Cu, Ni, Ag

d) Cu, Zn, Al

50. A crystalline solid has

a. definite geometry

b. sharp melting point

c. anisotropic property

Answer options:

i) a and b is correct

ii) b and c is correct

iii) a and c is correct

iv) All of the above are correct

51. According to Moseley, the basis for the periodic arrangement of elements is ___________.

a) Atomic weight

b) Atomic mass

c) Atomic number

d) Atomic volume

52. The five kingdoms under the recent scheme of classification are

i. Protista, Fungi, Mammalia, Annelida, Plantae

ii. Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia

iii. Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Porifera, Animalia

iv. Monera, Fungi, Mammalia, Plantae, Animalia

Which of the option given above is correct?

a) Only iii

b) Only ii

c) Only i

d) Only iv

53. A toxic substance responsible for chills and high fever recurring every three to four days in malaria fever is due to

a) Interferon

b) Hemozoin

c) Hirudin

d) Colostrum

54. The disease “African Sleeping Sickness” is caused by which of the following parasite?

a) Trypanosoma

b) Paramoecium

c) Mosquito

d) Colostrum

55. Algae and fungi are classified in which of the following groups?

a) Gymnosperms

b) Thallophytes

c) Angiosperms

d) Bryophytes

56. In which of the following disease of plants does chlorophyll of the leaves get destroyed and the leaves shrink?

a) Mosaic disease of tobacco

b) Citrus canker

c) Smut of jowar

d) Rhizoctonia

57. Which of the following biofertilizer is added in rice fields?

a) Red algae

b) Brown algae

c) Rhizobium

d) Blue green algae

58. Mechanisms by which bacteria becomes resistant to antimicrobial agents are ______________.

i. Alteration in surface receptors for drugs

ii. MDR pump

iii. Secretion of inactivating enzymes

Answer options:

a) Only a and b

b) Only a, b and c

c) Only a and c

d) Only b and c

59. Staphylococcal food poisoning is caused by _________________.

a) ingestion of preformed enterotoxin

b) colonisation of mucosal surface followed by production of toxin

c) colonisation of wound or abscess followed by local toxin production

d) All of the above reasons

60. National Salmonella Phage Typing Centre is at _____________.

a) Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

b) Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

c) National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Disease, Kolkata

d) National Centre for Disease Control


62. Select the pair of word groups that fit in each of the sentences to make two separate and having equivalent meaning in the given context.

The stock market having plunged drastically, the investor’s ___________ mod on the trading floor seemed incongruous.

a) enervated and funereal

b) inconsolable and sardonic

c) sanguine and buoyant

d) enervated and sardonic


a) 5         b) 4       c) 3        d) More option needed for selection


MPSC Non-Gazetted Group B Exam 2020 Paper Solution

a) 2         b) 3       c) 4        d) 5


a) 1         b) 2       c) 3        d) 4

66. The decline in voter turnout at elections is chiefly explained by the decline in voting by younger people who have very different lifestyles. Older people are much more likely to vote. If this continues, probably this will lead to a point at which no government can be said to have a mandate to govern as the number of voters will be too small to indicate the wishes of the majority. Society needs, therefore, to find an alternative to conventional elections so that he wishes of the people can be heard.

Select one option that best espresses the flaw in the above argument.

a) Elections are used in all democratic countries as the only well established process of choosing a government.

b) With the help of social media, young people may be more likely to join pressure groups than to vote in an elections.

c) There may be problems in using alternatives such as internet and postal voting due to remote residential places.

d) People who are young now may become more likely to vote as they get older.

67. The following question is based on the information given below:

I. A, B, C, D and E are five persons sitting in a line facing South – while M, N, O, P and Q are five persons sitting in the second line parallel to the first line and facing North, facing each other.

II. E is opposite to O who is just next, right of M.

III. C and N are diagonally opposite to each other.

IV. B who is just next to left of D, is opposite to Q.

V. M is at one end of the line.

VI. P who is just to the left of Q, is opposite to D.

If B shifts to the place of E, E shifts to the place of Q and Q shifts to the place of B, then who will be the second to the left of the person opposite to O?

a) Q

b) P

c) E

d) D

68. In the following question, an Assertion followed by two Reasons RI and RII is given. Apply reasons to the Assertion and find the answer.

Assertions: People, these days, are doing a lot of teleshopping.

Reasons: RI – People are watching TV a lot.

RII – People, these days, are not finding time to shop in the market.

Answer options:

a) Only RI not RII is a possible reason

b) Only RII not RI is a possible reason

c) Either RI or RII but not both reason

d) Neither RI nor RII is a possible reason

69. Prashant starts from his house and travels 8 km towards North. Then he turns right, travels 5 km, then turns rights again and travels 4 km and then travels 3 km towards East. Finally he turns left and travels 2 km. How far is he from his house, in kilometers?

a) 14

b) 12

c) 10

d) 7


MPSC Non-Gazetted Group B Exam 2020 Paper Solution

a) 1240           b) 527        c) 713          d) 1426

71. If the diameter of a circular track is 28 m and there is a 7 m wide road around the track, then find the area of the road.

a) 616 sq.m           b) 770 sq. m          c) 1386 sq. m            d) 28 sq. m

72. Five workers take 12 days to weed a field. How many days would 15 workers take to do the same task ?

a) 15          b) 4         c) 12          d) 16

73. The sum of the present ages of 3 persons is 72 years. Seven years ago, their ages were in the ratio 4:6:7. What are their present ages ?

a) 20, 30, 22 years          b) 22, 24, 26 years        c) 19, 25, 28 years         d) 17, 25, 30 years

74. The true discount on a bill due 10 months hence at 6% per annum is Rs. 26.25. The amount of the bill is

a) Rs. 1575        b) Rs. 500      c) Rs. 650.25       d) Rs. 551.25

75. A bag contains one-rupee, 50 paise and 25 paise coins in the ratio 5:6:8. If the total amount is Rs 420, then the number of 50 paise coins is

a) 210        b) 126      c) 252      d) 70

76. American astronaut Christina Koch is the female astronaut spending longest period in space. She spent 328 days in space. On ______________________, she took off from Earth

a) 10th February 2019       b) 14th February 2019     c) 14th March, 2019       d) 17th March , 2019

77. Guinness World Records has taken note of adventure swimmer Prabhat Koli who has won the Central Government Tenzing Norgay National Award and Maharashtra State prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Bravery Award. So far he has crossed six seas. Among the following, which one water body has he not crossed ?

a) English Channel       b) Catalina Channel     c) Strait of Gibraltar      d) Suez Canal

78. In the last 72 years after freedom, in our country of 130 crores population, only ___________ persons have achieved the honour of ‘Param Vir Chakra’.

a) 24       b) 42    c) 12      d) 21